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Congratulations to Löwenherz, and hrdboild for moving on to the Finals of the Album Draft Playoffs!!

The results of the entire draft can be found here:

Now that we have only a single matchup, the poll will be easier! I'll leave the poll open for five days again, that seems to be enough time for all the votes to come in. Below are the two album lists - crown a champion!!

1. Löwenherz
1.05 - OK Computer - Radiohead (1997)
2.05 - Nevermind - Nirvana (1991)
3.05 - Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999)
4.05 - The ArchAndroid - Janelle Monáe (2010)
5.05 - ...Like Clockwork - Queens of the Stone Age (2013)
6.05 - August and Everything After - Counting Crows (1993)
7.05 - The Underside of Power - Algiers (2017)
8.05 - Plastic Beach - Gorillaz (2010)
9.05 - Return to Cookie Mountain - TV on the Radio (2006)
10.05 - Kid A - Radiohead (2000)
11.05 - The Idler Wheel... - Fiona Apple (2012)
12.05 - Version 2.0 - Garbage (1998)
13.05 - It’s Blitz - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (2009)
14.05 - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? - Metric (2003)
15.05 - So Tonight That I Might See - Mazzy Star (1993)
16.05 - Hamilton - Original Broadway Cast (2015)
17.05 - Power in Numbers - Jurassic 5 (2002)
18.05 - Becoming X - Sneaker Pimps (1996)
19.05 - In Between Dreams - Jack Johnson (2005)
20.05 - Fetch the Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple (2020)
B1.08 - Music from the Motion Picture Pulp Fiction - Various Artists (1994)
B2.08 - Baby Driver (Music from the Motion Picture) - Various Artists (2017)
B3.08 - Garden State (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists (2004)
B4.08 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists (2010)
B5.08 - William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet: Music From the Motion Picture - Various Artists (1996)

3. hrdboild
1.09 - Illmatic - Nas (1994)
2.09 - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - The Smashing Pumpkins (1995)
3.09 - The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen (1973)
4.09 - Fulfillingness' First Finale - Stevie Wonder (1974)
5.09 - Bringing It All Back Home - Bob Dylan (1965)
6.09 - The Battle of Los Angeles - Rage Against the Machine (1999)
7.09 - Relationship of Command - At the Drive In (2000)
8.09 - A Piece of Strange - CunninLynguists (2006)
9.09 - Boxer - The National (2007)
10.09 - Joyful Rebellion - k-os (2004)
11.09 - Study in Brown - Clifford Brown and Max Roach (1955)
12.09 - Dear Science - TV on the Radio (2008)
13.09 - Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae (2006)
14.09 - The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety - toe (2005)
15.09 - Root Down - Jimmy Smith (1972)
16.09 - Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind (1997)
17.09 - El Kilo - Orishas (2005)
18.09 - Afro-Disiac - Charles Kynard (1970)
19.09 - Farm - Dinosaur Jr. (2009)
20.09 - Fire on the Bayou - The Meters (1975)
B1.04 - Greatest Hits - Electric Light Orchestra (1979)
B2.04 - The Lillywhite Sessions - Dave Matthews Band (2001)
B3.04 - S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. - One Be Lo (2005)
B4.04 - Just As I Am - Bill Withers (1971)
B5.04 - Once (Movie Soundtrack) - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (2007)
Tough vote. Between these two lists, I could fashion a single list that features a ton of music I adore. But ultimately, I have to give the nod to @hrdboild, and primarily for his inclusion of Relationship of Command.
Regardless of how this pans out, the biggest win for me is having introduced @hrdboild to Algiers and convincing him to take a look at Fiona Apple.

I have never before introduced someone to new music, let alone something they liked. That’s a really cool feeling. Glad I got to experience it. Again, this was a lot of fun.
I didn't expect to make it this far, so it's all gravy from here. It's also funny to me that I'm up against @Löwenherz since our taste in music and movies is so similar that we might actually be the same person. Have you perhaps encountered a time machine recently? Do you work in a particle accelerator lab? You've even got a quote from one of my all-time favorite movies in your signature! I'm considering voting for your list over mine since I listen to almost all of those albums anyway. It's only real flaw, that I can see, is a disappointing lack of any toe albums. :)

And I've been listing to Algiers a lot lately! If I could return the favor, here's some other bands I wanted to include but couldn't find room for that you might like: Tinariwen, Chvrches, Now, Now, The Roots, Blackalicious I don't think I'm actually introducing anyone to The Roots at this point, but that was one of the toughest omissions for me so they needed to be mentioned. The Tipping Point is the Roots album I like the most but so many of them are excellent.

If I were to rank my own picks in order of preference rather than draft priority, it would be toe, TV on the Radio, and k-os at the top. I finally got to see toe play live in a small club in downtown LA a couple years ago and they absolutely lived up to my expectations! I get goosebumps just thinking about it. Takashi is really something else. After that I'd put Stevie Wonder. Everything else is a tie. I've also been listening to Stevie a lot lately as I watch what's going on in the world. My favorite thing is when I can listen to an album and learn something about the world. I have to thank every single one of these artists for putting their heart and soul out in the world. They all make me proud to be a human being.

Why can't they say that hate is 10 zillion light years away
Why can't the light of good shine God's love in every soul
Why must my color black make me a lesser man
I thought this world was made for every man
He loves us all, that's what my God tells me
And I say it's taken Him so long
'Cause we've got so far to come...

I don't think it would be controversial to say that we all can do a better job of looking out for each other. It's been a year of reflection and re-prioritization for me. I've definitely been guilty of wanting to make a point so badly (online or in real life) that I forget the other people in the discussion are in fact real human beings. I keep coming back to one of my favorite statements: "My religion is simple. My religion is kindness." That's from the current Dalai Lama. It's hard to go astray if you make treating other people with love and respect your highest priority. And thanks again to all of you for sharing your stories, your music, and your opinions. And shout out to @Mr. S£im Citrus for reviewing 55 albums in the main draft thread! That was awesome!
The votes would disagree with you, and by quite a wide margin.

Congrats @hrdboild. I am honored with the opportunity to personally pass along the very same Golden Toilet that Brick awarded me so many years ago. A worthy trophy for a worthy champion.

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Oh and just like the Stanley Cup, it’s tradition to kiss it.
Ah geez, you mean I have to find a place for this in my apartment now? :eek:
I'm going to have to do some re-arranging here.

Thanks everybody! I'm pretty sure I had @Löwenherz #1 when I did the pre-vote rankings so you were still #1 in my book!