Vlade Divac

Feels like you rarely see teams looking to flip a first rounder for multiple seconds. More likely they could start selling those second round picks to earn some extra coin for Vivek.
This year there are a lot of premier Max Contract type free agents. I think there will be teams that are going to want to preserve their cap space to sign 2 or more top free agents this summer.

I can't see how Vlade would be able to keep 4 2nd rounders on the team. If not a late first, he may bundle a couple of 2nd rounders to move up to the top of the 2nd round.
the others are expressing themselves, but they get it.

This is leadership. And it's time for the "kids" to take the mantle. This will help them grow into the players and leaders they need to be sooner. There is a short window to win before we get AD'd, or KD'd, or Leanord, etc. Trainings wheels come off. After a little pain there will be the growth
I think Vlade is accumulating those 2nd round picks as a way to move back into the lower 1st round, in this year's draft.

With all these premire Free Agents and teams trying to clear cap space to sign them, I'm sure some of these teams are looking to move their 1st round picks (with guarenteed contracts) to preserve their cap space to sign a couple of max free agents, (i.e. Lakers, Clippers, Philly, etc).

I think Vlade's plan is to swipe a late 1st rounder in exchange for 2 or 3 of the 2nd round picks (which are non-guaranteed contracts). ;)
Genius ;)
We got so much better. A legit starting 3, for JJ and Zbo's expiring contract? Yes please. I will say I'm incredibly sad to see Shump go, but we got another second round pick and someone who can drive, which is what Shump couldn't do and we definitely needed another slasher/get into the paint to collapse the defense type of guard. Then we trade Skal, who has horribly regressed, for Swanigan who we wanted in the draft anyways that year so cool! Guy can rebound and that's exactly what we need off the bench, not an enigma.
Vlade and front office played their hand great and got a major need at SF for peanuts. Beautiful trade.

Getting shump to blazers did him a solid. Builds more of a history that vlade will take care and do right to the guys who deserve it ala temple

Skal to blazers again does a solid to player moving him to a situation he will have a better shot at. More good history

Kings continuing to be active also builds some relationships with other team front offices. Sends message we are open to all things, will keep leaks quiet, history of working together and able to get a deal done.

These little things matter
As tiresome as Willie can be, absent bringing back a Center in the trade, getting rid of WCS would have likely made us a WORSE team this year. Going forward, that's debatable, but with the current composition of the team, we need Willie to produce the rest of the season in order to make the playoffs.
Agreed. Unless we got someone who would fit in seemlessly or add immense value elsewhere offsetting the loss of Willie, we are in a good position to move forward
Shump doesn't ride the pine. He can still get 15 minutes. His value was as glue and an actual mentor to these kids. People here use "old" and "mentor" interchangeably but shump was actually one. And they didn't need to do that at all. You think he would've been pissed or sad that Barnes started? He would've been fine and the morale on the team would have been better.
Lets wait and see how this one pans out shall we?

I find it absolutely hilarious that of all things related to team, Vlade gets questioned about chemistry. If anyone knows the value of what chemistry means and how important it is, then it is Vlade. He is not going to do something that will destroy the chemistry. We have a team full of young players who are going through something unfamiliar early in their career. They will be fine. If our chemistry is dependant on a couple of players only, then we have huge problems.
I think Vlade is accumulating those 2nd round picks as a way to move back into the lower 1st round, in this year's draft.

With all these premire Free Agents and teams trying to clear cap space to sign them, I'm sure some of these teams are looking to move their 1st round picks (with guarenteed contracts) to preserve their cap space to sign a couple of max free agents, (i.e. Lakers, Clippers, Philly, etc).

I think Vlade's plan is to swipe a late 1st rounder in exchange for 2 or 3 of the 2nd round picks (which are non-guaranteed contracts).;)
I can't help but take a stab here.. lemme say; for Iowa State's Talen Horton-Tucker.
I give Vlade credit for the Hinkie tactics, 10 second round picks in the next 3 years.

But with 9 in the hand, don't think it was worth moving Shump to get the 10th.
Second rounders are good. A lot ready to play upperclassmen and mostly a good opportunity to hoard draft rights to good euro talent.
Unless his value is so low we can snag him on the cheap
I think we will use the cap space to go after a new C in free agency to be honest and I think our #1 target will be Vucevic. I think WCS will get contract big enough for us to think that we can use the money better somewhere else.
Simply echoing what others have said. But collectively pretty good trades. HB is def an improvement offensively - and I think playing with the talent at the Kings will work better for him than the situation in Dallas. I do think JJ will keep improving and establish himself as a solid pro - so Dallas should be happy to have him. Best also to Zac and Shump. Am looking forward to the game tomorrow.
If Willie don't take his game to another level, the Kings should remove him this summer. The only reason he's starting is because Kings ain't go nobody with length that can at least intimidate in the paint beside Bagley. I watched enough Kings games to see Willie is just not a smart basketball player. He just doesn't see the floor well. Help defense and awareness is terrible. Passing skills is below average. When guys are opened and he didn't see it and when he did see it and pass, it was too late and got intercepted. This is why i considered him a low IQ basketball player. They're athletic but athletic doesn't mean jack if you don't have the brain. John Stockton will rule despite not haven't athleticism. This is why i am glad they got rid of Ben McLemore, another low IQ basketball player. Very athletic but very dumb, doesn't do much to help the team, other than being a spot up shooter.

I posted here and suggested back then that they should never play Kosta on this team....and that no wonder the Kings are losing because they admire players like Kosta. I suggest they should play Giles because of his energy and do more for the team, being a hustle guy and do things that help win games. And that's exactly what they did today....thanks for listening.
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Do you think the Kings FO ever reads any of this stuff?
TBH, Yes!

Vivek is very technology savy and I think he knows the importance of internet interaction with it's fans and the fan experience.

Now, I don't think the FO necessarily reads these fan websites themselves, but I'm fairly certain they have someone in the internet or Fan experience division scanning the various Kings websites. It would be silly of a business to not to be in tune with the fans feelings, since they are the paying customers.

Now does that means this effects their player personnel decisions? Probably not. But, they know when the fan base is happy and when they are not with the overall product.
Not sure if this vid has been posted. HB seems pretty poised.

Harrison Barnes seems like such a professional person, for better and for worse. I hope that he's able to let his guard down and mess around with the kids when the cameras are off. Burks seems like a dude who likes to have a good time and isn't all that comfortable in a press conference situation. I'd bet that guy is hilarious in the right situation.

It's gotta be so interesting building a team.. so many aspects to consider. I definitely see no Shump type anymore. The closest thing, perhaps, is De'Aaron Fox. There's potential there for this to create space for Fox to grow into. I love what we're doing here, which I haven't really been able to say since before my prefrontal cortex was entirely developed. Very excited for the game tonight.
Vlade knows the importance of team chemistry and he would not have traded Shump if he thought the team couldn’t handle it. At some point you just have to trust the kids and let them grow up.
Thought I would pop in for a moment and put in my two cents worth. I’ve been staying off this site, but I’ve not missed a single game (DVR them all). I’m really excited by the Kings turn around this year and the moves they have made at the deadline are icing on the cake. I believe they have really set themselves up for a playoff run without sacrificing any of their real core or anything of their long-term goals. In fact, the moves they made fit in well for the future beyond this season.

I think even the most embittered and soured Kings fan has to give props to Vlade for the job he has done as well as to coach Joerger. Despite all the criticism, toxic negativity, and lack of patience by some, Vlade and Joeger had a plan and have stuck with it and now we are beginning to see the results of that plan. I was cautiously optimistic at the end of last season and believed they were starting to put together a nice young core and hoped we would begin to see some of the fruits of the plan this season. However, they have way exceeded even my optimistic hopes.

I believe Vlade made a statement after the Cousins trade to the effect:

“I believe we are going to be in a better position in two years. I want to hear again from these same people in two years. If I’m right, great. If I’m wrong, I’ll step down. But if I go down, I’m going down my way”.

It’s two years later and I don’t see how anyone can say the Kings are not significantly improved. They have a very promising young core, Vlade surrounded them with additional veteran rotational players (Shump, Bjelica, and Yogi) and the team responded. They are in the playoff contention in February for the first time in who knows how long.

Now, Vlade has made the moves (Barnes and Burks) that improve their playoff chances in the near term and possibly/hopefully improve the team in the long term without losing any of the young core. I think once Barnes and Burks acclimate themselves to Joerger’s system they will add a lot to the team.

The loss of Shump’s leadership may have a short-term negative impact, but it’s time for one of the young core to step up and assume the reins of leadership, my vote is for Fox.

I’m really happy for Skal, hopefully a change in scenery will breathe new life into his career.