Ty Lawson


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I really didnt think they would go down this route after all the high character signings.....but he's a guy who at one point in his career was pretty good. Can he resurrect his career?
If he works out, we have a Isaiah Thomas /Vinny Johnson/Bobby Jackson type sparkplug PG coming off the bench. If he doesn't , then you let him go at end of season.
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Ty Lawson is still only 28 and has an opportunity to prove he has cleaned up his act. Welcome Ty and I hope it works out best for the Kings and you.

Nice article about Ty--> http://theundefeated.com/features/ty-lawson-aims-to-bounce-back-after-stumbling/
Thanks for the link. Interesting that the one guy he leans on is Anthony Carter, who was a back bench assistant with the Kings last year (I think). Probably knows what he is getting into, welcome to the functionally dysfunctional family Ty.


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I don't understand you all..how is Lawson worse than signing Tolliver and Temple?
They are all average to below average signings, we are talking about Ty Lawson here though...undersized, unwilling defender who was brought here because there are no other options available apparently, no body is making any trades by the looks of it.
Get ready for Kangz mockery, our PG rotation is now a guy charged with domestic violence and a guy charged with DUI's. With that said I really hope Vlade only made this signing if Lawson promised him he is rehabilitated and ready to work hard and turn his career around.