TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?


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I just saw a promo for Justified. It's very upsetting to me that this is the final season but I like that good series have time for a wrap-up and don't just die off over the summer leaving you with tons of unanswered questions.
So I watched the first episode of the new American Horror season and I ask myself sometimes why I watch random and out there. That being said, this is the last season for Boardwalk Empire, thank god! Shows these days should not exceed 5 seasons in my opinion.
The American Horror story is a pretty good show if you're into suspense and horror. I've watched 3 seasons of it and it's a freaky show. It's not my type of movie, but it's probably one of the better shows out today with all the good production that goes into it.

Does anyone watch Modern Family?


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kingsboi - You might want to google it. You're not going to get a definitive answer from Slim unless you ask a specific question. :p
I love Elementary
Criminal Minds
Gracepoint (I loved Broadchurch, BBC's version)
Masterpiece Mystery, especially Sherlock
Last Week Tonight - John Oliver makes me laugh out loud.

I have watched How to Get Away With Murder, simply for the joy of watching Viola Davis, but not sure I like the show much.


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I have watched Saturday Night Live since the very beginning. I am enjoying the classic shows they're broadcasting at 10 p.m. (PST) but I'm beyond fed up with how they plug in very recent repeats into their regular time slot. For example, tonight they're rerunning the show from 10-11-14. Just makes no sense to me.


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I seem to be way off track with the rest of you in what I like. I like reality shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Pawn Stars and it's spin off, Pawnography, CSI, Law and Order - SVU and movies of all kinds, msnbc shows mainly Chris Mathews and Rachel Maddow, BBC's Top Gear, and Saturday Night Live. Pawn Stars is extremely educational in the way I like.
In no particular order... Hell on Wheels, Breaking Bad, Survivor, and Amazing Race. But my favorite show for the last several years is Son's of Anarchy! I'm a bit surprised more people aren't following (or at least mentioning) this show...
Season 3 of The Newsroom premiered last night, and it was awesome.
i haven't watched the season 3 premiere yet, but i rather enjoyed the first two seasons (preachier moments aside). jeff daniels is one of those fantastic character actors that should be cast in a lotta great roles, and i'm glad that he found will mcavoy...