Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

The question with Arzia is how much he has left in the tank. Last year was quite bad but 17-18 season he was actually a very good and valuable player. 17-18 out of all small forwards he was 9th in rpm and Barnes for example was 57th.

Ideally Ariza brings premium skillset (good shooter and good switchable defender) to a premium position (wing). This signing never was anything like Zbo (that I absolutely hated when it happened) since Zbos skillset had very little value even if he wasnt so washed up. As I said, the question is how much Ariza has left in the tank. Hopefully last year was just a slump caused by a bad team and bad environment.
That 34% shooting sure is floor spacing I guess other 1-2 season's hes been very mediocre shooter (actually below that) and his defense ain't what it use to be. He actually shot even worse in Washington @32% than he did with the Suns. You need athletic explosviness on the wing and other than Barnes (also not atheltically as good as before..good enough but) we don't still have a single explosive swing man who can match up with with any of the decent SF's in the NBA. It was a huge waste of money in the end, I didn't mind the Corey Joseph overpay on the other hand he's in his prime and has helped Toronto/Indiana recently.

Also Ariza is not a excellent passer at all, his passing is probably below his shooting, I hsve never seen myself in a game or heard anyone call his even a decent passer in his entire career.
Huge waste of money? They had to hit the floor either way and had to hit floor to get exception for Holmes.
I don't have a huge problem with overpaying for Ariza, I would just rather take an overpaid player via trade and get a draft asset too. Ariza might not get more than 15 minutes a night, and his age and past performance indicate it will be average backup SF production. It will be hard for him to be 10 million more valuable than a veteran minimum signing.

Still, I see the value in adding a player who wants to be here.