They Say It's Your Birthday...

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Whaaat. So cool. Thanks!!! At the young age of 48!

Since the passing of VF21, I have been thinking. I've been coming to since 2002-2003. Before the crash ;) If I stopped showing up would anybody even notice? I don't post much... but I spend a large amount of my free time checking this place out. I feel like I "know" a lot of you, but I really don't. Interesting thoughts.
For fun... a little bit about me.

Diehard Kings fan since 1993. I am from the Bay Area but never really watched basketball. I went to UCDavis and started watching the Kings. I fell in love and never looked back.

Gtronic comes from the Underground and Old School HipHop radio station I run...
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Shout out to @KainLear and @okrim! There was a third birthday, but the board is on London time, and the module that displays the birthdays rolled over to the 23rd, before I remembered to make this post. So, I apologize for that.
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