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That's right, I said it!
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Yeah, reading that back it’s kind of horrible.

Idk, I’ve watched Jones since his second UFC fight, when he was 8-0... he was one of the main guys who got me into the sport more than just a casual viewer. (Along with Urijah Faber)
I can see where you're coming from with that, and that probably accounts for a lot of the disconnect. I am a relatively late-comer to the UFC; Jon Jones had already been exposed as a POS by the time I'd first heard of him.

I'd say that consuming UFC is a lot like consuming a lot of other forms of entertainment, but particularly wrasslin: There's something of a one-way connection that has to be established between you, and who you're watching on TV, to be able to enjoy what you're seeing, and it becomes difficult when you go into it already knowing that they're horrible people. It's the same way that some people have always been able to overlook Hulk Hogan's ****ery, because their attachment to Hogan was forged during the heyday of Hulkamania. I was exclusively a GCW/NWA/Crockett guy until I was thirteen; I sometimes wonder if I'm the only guy in America who grew up in the eighties who never saw a minute of that damned cartoon? My first exposure to Hulk Hogan was the Mega Powers exploding, and I could never understand why people were rooting for that jackass... And then, his real life **** got exposed and, welp...