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Had to have been rigged right. Did you see him walking away with a big smile on his face?
Nah Ben was completely done as a fighter after the knee he took from Jorge and is arguably the worst striker in MMA history or close to it to compete at a high level. There is a reason he was choosen not to mention he's like 40 and retired.

There is actually a guy who was a celebrity of some sort that signed with Bellator (retired I think) and did ok who I would not mind seeing Jake Paul fight and allow the freak show to continue he can actually fight (stand up). Aaron Chalmers is his name.

In general the problem with the majority of boxing it's just guys padding their records and avoiding the best until they see a guy start to fade. You got the cross promotion bullcrap that stops a lot of fights as well than the cherry on the top in the horrible judging (e.g Canelo no matter how many times he losses gets the win). While MMA has some of this for the most part if two guys are in the same division the best tend to fight the best.
Masvidal should have never got a rematch Covington vs Usman 2 was always the fight, also Wiedman breaking his leg exact same way Anderson Silva broke his on Wiedman was insane.
I didn't feel quite as bad for Weidman considering he ran around the cage celebrating when Anderson broke his.
I didn't feel quite as bad for Weidman considering he ran around the cage celebrating when Anderson broke his.
Yeah but Anderson always made fun of people in the ring and tried to make them look dumb as possible, even in the first fight before Weidman KOed him he was being a dick and got what he deserved. Anderson deserved it way more (neither deserved it).
The Jiri vs Reyes card has some insane match ups in terms of potential excitement the main event is a no brainer Reyes and Jiri is fireworks than you got Cutelaba vs Jacoby a crazy kill or be killed Romanian vs a experienced kick boxer in Jacoby.

Giga a elite level kickboxer vs I would say a legend in the sport and excitement machine Cub Swanson, Strickland vs Jokto two all around exciting up and coming MW's and two absolute balls of energy Merab Dvalishvili vs. Cody Stamann..

Who ever did the match making on the main card I think did a terrific job I don't know many of the fighters on the undercard tbh so can't really comment.
Jiri Prochazka is going to be a problem.

That fight was incredible, and holy ***** that KO!
DUDE most exciting fighter in the UFC bar none OMFG!!!!

I feel bad for Reyes he BEAT Jones (3-2) and got a horrible decision than ran into Jan in the form of his life and another guy entering his prime who is insane. Jiri is another world of excitement. I called it in my above post this was going to be a hell of a card.


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Conor’s ankle snapping spared him the embarrassment of getting KTFO’d in the opening minutes of the next round, and gives UFC the opening they crave to pretend like he wasn’t going to sleep in the very near future.
Never really had an issue with CM and his antics, but he completely crossed the line pre/post fight. absolutely classless. He needs to go away. He sucks as a fighter now and is a total POS

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These kids are going all out in this TUF finale.

I don't know where Back™ is, for either one of these youngins, but they're both fighting like can't neither one of them go there...


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This fight could be two guys trying to kick each other’s heads off … so in reality they’ll probably both be hyper cautious and dance around each other for 5 round