The truth finally comes out!

Could the AGM mentioned be Peja and not Williams?
What do I know living across the pond, but I automatically thought Peja since he was AGM when Pete was let go. Also from what I gather Peja was pretty chummy with Matina.
Anyways I notice Dumars name is not on that list, which possibly means nothing but likely does.
Its what we've "known" for 2 years, but now have direct confirmation. Matina and Brandon Williams wanted a new training staff, so they went out and got one. The reason why is still a mystery.
That new training staff seems have a lot more trouble keeping players out on the court than the last staff did.

And they either suck at diagnosing or communicating their diagnoses. Perhaps both.
Who in the hell is Matina? See, that’s our problem. Too many cooks in the freaking kitchen

Just like the time we had Mulin and Mitch Richmond on top of every other guy in the front office. We always have too many guys fighting to be Vivek’s right hand man and it’s nauseating at best