The Sabonis Thread

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That 6'8" dude with T-Rex arms outrebounds anyone in the entire league by a good margin. Maybe the NBA talent isn't as great as it seems?

In a league filled with passing savants, he is right there near the top at #5 in assists. If someone is top 5 in two major categories, maybe they're good or maybe the competition is not good enough, right?
It's not the size of the center, it's the motion of the Sabocean
I forgot the guys name on Simmons podcast but he gives just the dumbest takes over and over again, not just on Sabonis. Simmons has crap takes too but he is at least entertaining


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I can't wait for all the articles to come out defending multiple All-NBA selections for the Suns and Lakers and none for the Kings who trounced them both all year. Also Victor Wembanyama getting All-NBA votes despite playing on a last place team and all sorts of other excuses not to recognze either Fox or Sabonis among the best players in the league.


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I'm told screen assists are bad and not real assists, so if I read this right we should take about 7 assists off Sabonis's totals as proof that he is a net-negative player? Probably subtract 4-5 rebounds per game just because he has floppy hair. Very mediocre, non-All-Star talent once you make these adjustments, wouldn't you agree? Thankfully Bill Simmons can vote for 10 guards on his all NBA team since AD and Joker are the only good centers in the league.