[The Athletic] Dumars has no interest in being the long-term head of basketball operations, and will not be a candidate in the search.

I forgot to mention that we already have several strikes against us.

Walton is not going to be fired the first year so a new GM can’t bring in his own guy. We continue with our trend of doing things assbackwards and don’t learn from these mistakes which we commit over and over....not enticing.

We might waste a year, because of the above, if new GM thinks it’s warranted to tear it down except for a few core guys....not enticing

Ownership is known to meddle....not very enticing.

It's hopeless with this current ownership if they can't learn from their own mistakes. You literally just went through this a few years ago and watched it blow up in your face, WTF!? I have a big issue if they don't let Walton either have a say when it comes to roster moves (which why the F does he deserve that with track record he's built up as brief as it may be) or if they keep him on as a lame duck. With the current state of the cap and the upcoming money that has to be spent to keep a young core together that hasn't had much opportunity to perform with a system built around them this could be very bad news when it comes time to hiring the right guy to coach the team. They have a very slim chance to still have some flexibility when it comes to a coaching hire but that likely ticks away by the end of the offseason. Hiring a coach or a GM when it's like, "Hey, here's what you've got to work with, good luck" is the exact thing they did to Vlade when he got here. They didn't bite the bullet on Karl, watched that kill any potential ways of fixing it with Cuz in the process, and had to use a first rounder just to get rid of a Jason Thompson and clean some of that cap mess up to attempt to quickie build around Cuz. They're very close to having to the do the same thing if they have any hopes to build around Fox and Bagley. Watch out Vivek. It doesn't take a visionary to see how this could all head south fast and where you re-live Cuz in the form of Fox and Bagley is TRob part 2. Once the season is over if they continue to sit or only go half way while not taking care of the clear coaching issues that rose up in the locker room in the bubble it's a bad sign. Let your core tell you what they need then head on from there. That's the easiest potential fix at this point.
Could Dumars lure Chauncey to the head coaching position if we are parting with Luke at some point? Report out there that he is ready for a head coaching gig and the first thing I thought of is his days in Detroit with Dumars at the helm
Hiring a GM is not something you rush. Actually rushing and making a panic move is the most Kangz move of all time. The list is endless.
I’m going to put you two in a room until you - together - can figure out a happy medium between hiring a GM too quickly and taking too much time to find a GM.
I’m going to put you two in a room until you - together - can figure out a happy medium between hiring a GM too quickly and taking too much time to find a GM.
I feel like the team said right at the front they expected it to take 3 months. And like I said elsewhere, they aren't going to be allowed to pull one of the top candidates from another club until after the draft is complete, which is 6 weeks. So in all likelihood, we get the GM between the end of draft and start of preseason.

All I've been saying is I am ok with this timeline. I truly believe that hiring ahead of the draft is going to exclude the best candidates. I'd be happy to be wrong.