TDOS 2019 - Desert Island Music Draft (revisited)


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A long, long time ago in a thread far away, Mr. S£im brought us a gift he admittedly stole. When the Kings hit rock bottom - and a lot of our fans went on extended hiatus - we quit doing those draft threads. Last year, however, we resurrected one and it seemed to go pretty well.

This season appears to be rapidly drawing to a close. I decided to revisit the original draft thread theme - and go once again with albums. I'll flesh out the details within the next few days. At this point, I'd just like to see how many people are interested.

Wanna play?


1. Capt Factorial
2. Warhawk
3. Foxfire
4. VF21
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I am absolutely in. Music is my passion. I have very eclectic record collection and a pretty decent stereo system. And I'm always happy to recommend some of my favorites, even if I'm not too good at describing what makes them great.
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