Social Media Accounts

I've placed this in the "Lounge" as the question is more of an open-ended question, as opposed to only sports-related accounts.

But, I have a two-part question...

A. What social media platform do you use? Twitter, Instagram, or both? (If you don't use either, then I offer my sincerest apologies up front, because the rest of this message doesn't apply to you.)

B. What are some of the more interesting "accounts" to follow? (sports, tv, radio, news, food, gaming, celebrities, members, etc. You name it, I am interested to know what you all recommend...)

A little bit of background for you all...I've been on both at various points in the past 5ish years, deleting my accounts after a while for various reasons. I want to get back in, but I want to do it right. And follow the right "accounts". Obviously, I will have a bunch of my own accounts to follow (i.e. favorite sports teams, favorite celebrities, etc.), but I am still interested in what others recommend. I want my social media experience to be fun.