Ron Ron's "Champions"

Ron Ron told the world about his newest single entitled "Champion" after he helped the Lakers win the 2010 NBA Championship. I just listened to it and I'm actually quite surprised and impressed at how good the song really is. It's a got a good beat and chorus to match. I highly recommend listening to it. Hopefully NBA 2K11 adds this song to their game song menu.
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I was getting ready to laugh hysterically at this..

But upon listening, I actually found it pretty catchy. I'm surprised, and a bit impressed.
Yikes.. Not a bad beat... I am not one to like rap music that much but it's got a real good beat, and the vocals actually go well with it.

Good job Ron Ron!


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I am not a fan of Rap Music. My hearing loss and speech discrimination loss make it very difficult to understand what is being said. Having said that, I must say that, what I could hear was very impressive. The beat was pretty cool too. I actually like it.
It would have been more accurate if he included the following lines:

I couldn't do it in Indy,
I needed to latch on to Kobe,
I did what others tried to do,
I'm talkin' 'bout Karl and Gary