Predict who will be the Kings starting Center next year!

Who will be the Kings Starting Center Opening night?

  • Marvin Bagley

  • Harry Giles

  • WCS

  • Steven Adams

  • Thomas Bryant

  • Dewayne Dedmon

  • DeMarcus Cousins

  • Nikola Vucevic

  • DeAndre Jordan

  • Someone else, who?

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If the options are giving a value asset for Capela, paying 50mil/2 for Adams, 100mil/4 for Vucevic or 112mil/4 for Horford, I'm leaning more and more heavily towards Horford.

Horford is easily the best player and easily the best fit and his style of play should let him age better than most players. Hes exactly the type of player you would want besides Bagley, he is an elite defender and a great spot up threat.

For the first two years of his contract he would be easily the most impactful of those players and after that he might be on the Vuc level. The thing is after two years we will be capped out anyway so the flexibility would not be quite as important as it is now.

I'm also very open to the idea of getting a cheaper good fit next to Bagley like Dedmond or Kleber but if we are going to go in big at center market, I hope its for Horford from all these options.
The more I'm seeing these options the more I remember the modern NBA is an arms race. Vuc is probably the only fit next to a Bagley that does have the talent to make a difference. Defense shmefence. Just have to hope someone doesn't max him all the way out because I can see Orlando doing just that if they have to.
Are you kidding me. Horford is a better player than Vuc.
Still hoping for a SAT for Adams or Capela. Kanter did look good in the playoffs. But, I suspect that may have been fools gold. Playing for FA dollars.

Dedmon and Holmes would be 2nd Tier Options
From Carmichael Dave’s Twitter.....

Interest between the Sacramento Kings and free agent center Dewayne Dedmon is mutual, and strong.

Nothing set yet, but there is confidence on both sides.

Expect a resolution tomorrow.
Dedmon would be the safe pick. He checks all the boxes that the Kings need next to Bagley.

This would be a solid signing and also points to the fact that the Kings think Giles is their Center of the future.

Dedmon will slot nicely into the 3rd big man in the rotation (something that WCS would not do happily), once Giles is ready to start and shine in a year or two.
Looks like Dedmon. The guy only played one year in high school and two years in college. His learning curve is still pretty steep. He is a guy that can have a lot of impact on the Kings' season. If he can play defense and rebound and run the floor, that would help a lot. He has some offensive potential inside and is a decent shooter. If he can provide the consistency that WCS never could, the playoffs may be within reach.