Power Rankings, Week of 11/28

7 - 11? How do you feel?

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Kangz gonna #Kangz.
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#18 (+1)

The Kings would probably prefer to skip the first six minutes of every game. They've trailed after the first six minutes in 12 of their 17 games and they're the league's worst team in those six minutes, getting outscored by 24 points per 100 possessions (and allowing 123). Dave Joerger has used four different starting lineups in their last five games, but maybe DeMarcus Cousins is just slow to get going (at least defensively). He's a minus-56 in first quarters and a plus-72 otherwise. Monday's opponent (Washington) has been the league's best team in the first six minutes of the first.

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#21 (+1)

As was briefly mentioned above, I soaked in the Kings’ win over Nets in Brooklyn on Sunday evening. And so, after watching DeMarcus Cousins amble around for a couple of hours, I have some thoughts on the Kings, who have won three of four games, including wins over the Thunder (who played a road back to back) and Raptors (thanks to some quite dubious late-game officiating). Against Brooklyn, Cousins went for 37 and 11, Rudy Gay almost messed around and got a triple double, Ty Lawson didn’t look washed, Matt Barnes was ejected for a flagrant foul, and legitimately six technicals were called.

#24 (+1)

The Kings have been wasting DeMarcus Cousins' biggest games, so Sunday's second-half eruption in Brooklyn -- fueled by Cousins' 18-point third quarter -- was important on multiple levels. Sacramento was just 1-6 when Boogie cracked the 30-point plateau before blowing the Nets out and frankly had to win to launch a vital six-game road trip, which certainly got off to a worrisome start for the visitors when they surrendered 59 points by halftime to the Jeremy Lin-less Nets.

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#21 (+5)

The lineup changes have helped things. Sure, they're not using several players who are actually good, but Garrett Temple and Matt Barnes are giving them solid minutes and contributions.

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#24 (NC)

Forget all the talk of offensive fit, the real problem on the court in Sacramento is on the other end — they have the forth worst defense in the NBA. As for the DeMarcus Cousins trade rumors, until owner Vivek Ranadive changes his mind all the talk is moot. However, Omri Casspi and Rudy Gay could well get moved. Kings opened a six-game road trip with a win in Brooklyn Sunday.

Mean Ranking: 21.6
I guess this is where I put this we just fought a break (terrible tho) with Conley injury. Word is Conley is out minimum 6 weeks and Memphis is one of the teams who couldn't use an injury and to there 2nd best player. Let's assume the locks are SA, GS, LaC, Houston, and Utah. That leaves 3 spots open and I believe LaL will fade out let's assume Portland steps up making it 2spots left.

Memphis next 18 games till end of December


They can easily go 3-15 in that stretch almost eliminating there playoff hopes. So these next 10 for us is crucial in retaining Boogie and him recruiting Wall here. Ya I said it.