Power Rankings, Week of 1/30

Can we get 2 of the next 3? (HOU, PHX GSW)

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February is upon us! Now is the time to make our move. On to the rankings!

#17 (+4)
Each of the Kings' last five games have been within five points in the last five minutes. DeMarcus Cousins has taken 31 of their 57 clutch-time shots in that stretch and had big buckets against the Pistons, Cavs and Hornets last week, as well as the game-winning assist in Cleveland. If he was only able to control the last-second lob in Indiana on Friday, the Kings would be on a four-game winning streak and just a game out of eighth place. They're hanging in the playoff race while getting longer looks at Willie Cauley-Stein and rookie Malachi Richardson (who has bumped Ben McLemore out of the rotation).

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#23 (+2)
Ever-streaky, the Kings pulled out three road wins this week and are apparently starting to mesh better. Boogie Cousins is averaging 6.2 assists over his last 15 games, to go with his typical 26 and 10. This type of adjustment can only be a good thing.

#21 (+7)
Did the Kings just uncork their best week of the season? Don't see how you can argue against it given their desperation to scratch out some wins after that rough 1-6 homestand to stay alive in the postseason chase. The Nuggets have certainly seized some momentum in the hunt for the West's No. 8 spot by inching within four games of .500, but Sacramento just found a way to win roadies in Detroit, Cleveland and Charlotte by a combined 12 points, capped by DeMarcus Cousins' decisive 35 points and 18 boards against the Hornets. Sacramento might have swept the week had it been able to protect a healthy double-digit lead in Indy.

#24 (+1)
They picked up three road wins last week, but with this streaky team it’s difficult to read much into that. The guy to start watching in Sacramento is Malachi Richardson, the rookie out of Syracuse, who has started to look like a solid NBA wing — the guy the kings hoped Ben McLemore would be. Richardson has bumped McLemore from the rotation.

#22 (-1)
Their last four games (3-1) have been decided by 16 points. DeMarcus Cousins has been ridiculous in the clutch this past week. This is one of those weeks where you think there might be a good team hidden under all that debris.

Mean Ranking: 21.4


Don't Make Me Use The Bat
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as for 2 out of 3...Houston has come own to Earth and we've been resilient all year...that said, it would be a heck of a thing to come off the disappointing loss yesterday where Boogie had to chug for 46-15 (albeit in short minutes, making it all the more impressive), fly 3 hours into Houston., and then knock off the Rockets. Would rock if we did, but still asking a hell of a lot. Win streaks are more likely to being after the GSW game.