Phil Jackson Toyota commercial

..with the Memphis and Kings fans watching a game..

..Cardinal hits a shot and the Memphis kid starts cheering..Jackson shows up in robes and says "he who crows loudest often eats the most crow"

..kid asks what does that mean

..then you hear the TV announcer yelling about Bibby hitting a shot

..Jackson says "that's karma"

..kid says "I understand, coach"

..sorry if it has been posted..I couldn't find it anywhere..
Wait, I don't get it. I don't watch much TV, don't have one in the dorm. Is this a national commercial or what? Was it on during the playoff games tonight or something?

If it was a TNT commercial I'd get it, because they seem to like tying everything into movie promos (Star Wars reference here, then).
#10 was on during the Spurs/Sonics game the other night..

..I wouldn't read too much into it as he (Jackson) has another one about the Heat..something about the fans leaving the game early..


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They're Toyota commercials. I doubt if Toyota has any concerns about Phil Jackson's future coaching positions. They're using him as the Zen Master or Obi-Wan character, nothing more.
I've seen the commercial.....pretty funny considering knowing what happened in that game. The other commercial is of a Bulls fan and a Heat fan in a car.


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^^Of course, it's all speculation at this point. I personally think he should just stick with the Bulls.



with the preseason still months away, phil jackson has spoken with jordan about a possible return with the bobcats


I heard we may be getting SAR!!! Wow, that would be nice. I really wish we could get our hands on Jason Hart.


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Hey! They just announced our beloved Kansas City Kings are going to move to ... SACRAMENTO?~??!?!>!>