Now that we know the draft order, who do we draft? (New thread)


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I closed the old "who do we draft" since it was incredibly long and based on a guess as to where our picks would land. Now that we know we're going 5 and 10, what do you think?
5th pick - Dream: Josh Jackson
Realistic: De'arron Fox

10th pick - Dream: Dennis Smith Jr. if we pick a SF with 5th pick
Lauri Markkananen if we pick PG with 5th pick
Realistic: Justin Jackson if we pick PG with 5th pick
Frank Ntilikina if we pick SF with 5th pick
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I would be contacting Boston offering Kosta and #5 for the #1. They don't need a pg
I don't think Koufos, 5, and Bogdan would be enough. I don't think we have the assets to get to 1. I actually am more curious if we have the assets to get from 10 to 7 (which would most likely allow us to get Fox and Isaac). I think getting to 5 means we can now get Fox, but most likely a PG will be left at 10 making us either take 2 pgs or taking a lower level of talent. Neither of which sounds great.
I think Fultz and Ball go 1 & 2 for sure.

Philly is a mystery at 3. They should take Jackson but he's not a great fit. Monk is a great fit but IMO that's too high to draft him. Maybe they trade back to get Monk, pick up another piece and finally offload Okafor? I'd love for them to take Monk at #3 (that's what DX has in their mock draft) but I think whether they keep the pick or trade the pick Jackson goes #3.

Phoenix could take Fox at 4 but then the pressure is on to trade Bledsoe and/or Knight. Tatum makes more sense for them. And I'd like to see that be the pick at #4. Tatum scares me. He could be a go-to scorer and perennial all-star but he's also an iso heavy player that reminds me a lot of Jabari Parker and Rudy Gay though Gay was more athletic coming out of college.

In any event, short of Jackson somehow slipping to #5 or the Kings trading up to get him (if the Sixers really want Monk would Philly swap #3 for #5 and Malachi?) my hope is that Fultz, Ball, Jackson and Tatum go 1-4 giving the Kings their choice of the remaining PGs.

No matter what, a guy I really like will be there at #5.

Now I'm wondering what it would take to swap #10 for #7 or #8 to ensure they get two of my favorite prospects.
What would you guys rather do if these were the scenarios?

Get Fox at 5 and then pick either Collins, Markannen, Trade or Isaac if still there? I listed those in the order of odds with Collins being almost a sure thing at 10 and Isaac being the longest shot to still be there.


Get Tatum at 5 and then pick Ntilikina, Collins, Markannen, Trade or Smith if still there?

Scenario 1 we get a fantastic PG prospect but our pick at 10 will more than likely not fill a need unless something miraculous happens and Isaac is still on the board. Scenario 2 we have the best shot at filling our SF and PG needs but that's a big drop off in PG talent and that's one of the hardest positions to fill. We're more than likely going to take Ntilikina at 10 unless for whatever reason, Smith is still there but I see that as the longest shot of all the picks.

What do you guys think?
C- Koufos/Papagiannis
PF- Skal/WCS/Isaac
PG- Fox/Lawson/Galloway/34th pick

Ideally, I'd like to see this roster next year. I think Vlade should do whatever he can to make sure he gets Fox..
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