Nik stauskas


Hall of Famer
it's one regular season game....let's see how he does throughout the entire 82 games for Portland, he may surprise some of us after all
Blazers are the perfect fit for shooters like Stauskas.
They have a system which makes guards look better than they actually are.
Napier and Crabbe the last two who took advantage from the Blazers system.
On the other hand we have a system to make players look worse than they are.
Can't wait to see some iso ball...
The Blazers system isn't magic. And they've signed more than their fair share of busts at the wings, McCollum and Dame are really the only ones who have shown any consistency. Crabbe had a good season or two, got paid and vanished for the Blazers before he got shipped.

It was great to see Sauce light up the Lakers on opening night. Warmed my heart.