Next season’s scapegoat.

Who will be the scapegoat?

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I ended up choosing Barnes. I’m thinking/hoping Bogi will both have a tighter leash on which will make him play a little smarter which leads to better. As long as he isn’t dribbling for 16 seconds then taking step-back threes people will be more happy than last season. Lol
Meant to choose Bogdan and not Buddy, but I could very well see Buddy ending up as the scapegoat. He’s a very very good shooter, but he has lots of dry spells.. I think he relies a lot on momentum and rhythm. When he’s hot, he’s hot. But when he’s off, he’ll miss and even mix in a few TOs. Despite being as good of a shooter he is, just compare his shots to Klay in the playoffs who was extremely clutch. He made all of his shots when they needed it. Buddy is more of the type to will you back into games, but not necessarily make shots down the stretch.

I think his role will change next year. I don’t think he’ll have as many shots as last year to be able to shoot his way out of a mini slump. I think we’ll force him into a more JJ Redick offense which doesn’t really suit him. Last season we relied on him because he was the only player willing to step up. Next season, I think we’ll see a clear emphasis on trying to run the offense through Fox and Bagely.
When Buddy misses a few key shots here and there, fans will be so quick to scapegoat him. It’s really unfortunate but that’s what I see going down..

Our fan base can be extremely cruel imo... Bogdan will be the main scapegoat if he has another inconsistent shooting season.

Cory Joseph is going to disappoint a lot of fans because they think he’s going to be Darren Collison 2.0, but he’s not a good shooter and he’s only an average playmaker.

Lots of scapegoat replacements for Willie. Don’t worry!

"Our fan base can be extremely cruel imo..."

I have to wholeheartedly disagree with that. Our press and fanbase are extremely docile here in sacramento. Id say we have one of the most forgiving fanbases in the NBA.
Bogie will hopefully be healthy. I think injuries caused him to force the issue

I personally don’t think we’ll have too many frustrating moments this coming season, but i predict Luke Walton to get the brunt of whatever that is
Bagley if he has a sophomore slump or if he gets injured again. I see people picked Barnes. Hope that isn't the case!
If Dedman can play,there will be no need for a scapegoat except for the coach.
The coach is always the scapegoat for teams that don't make the playoffs.
As usual there are plenty of candidates in the Kingsfans kingdom.

Bogdan would have to be the favorite given how unrealistic the expectations were after his rookie season and the blame he copped in his sophomore year.

Ariza, Barnes, Joseph, Bjelica, Dedmon et all