New Season Ticket Holders?

Anyone pick up new season tickets for next season? I was thinking about purchasing a pair for gifts, and was curious if someone had already gone through with it; what was your experience? Do they give you any fringe benefits with it? Thx...
I hate to seem like a bad attitude, but the perks are negligible. They make it seem like you will get valuable pre-sales to shows at G1C but even in the odd occasion where their link and password DOES work, it is a very low tier of “preferred” seats and it is ultimately like no benefit at all.

Still, I’ve been full or part season ticket holder since 1999. But I wouldn’t recommend it for perks. Just if you’re really a big fan.

You would be better off buying a piece of the club pair the guy is offering in the tickets thread, than getting your own account, in my opinion. Those 119-BBB are spectacular seats that you won’t be able to get close to thru the box office.

Good luck.
yes, and I learned after 4 years of being a partial ticket owner as long as your ticket or digital ticket says STH on it you get those discounts even if you are not the primary...that has probably cost me a few extra hundred over that time.