[NBA] NBA Playoffs first round 2017

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I hope and believe that Indy can upset the Cavs.

The Cavs are old and unfocused.
It's funny to say that, but they don't play like winners...
The current Hawks are SOOOO soft...
They are really not a playoff team in my book.

Am I missing something (or someone)?
The current Hawks are SOOOO soft...
They are really not a playoff team in my book.

Am I missing something (or someone)?
They're good defensively, on the boards, fairly deep and well coached. I'd say they are a legit playoff team though obviously not a contender...but here they are, playing good defense and leading on the road
I remember for years I didnt see the Hawk in Atlanta's logo. It used to be the most nonsensical logo to me.

I think I always looked at it backwards or something and paid too much attention to the backwards C. I thought the logo might have been an open beak. Maybe it's because I was a kid when they switched to the more straightforward(less creative) logo and didn't think about it until they brought it back. I was watching one of their games and they were dribbling up and BOOM.

"Ohhhhhh! It's a HAWK!"


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I know some of you guys are really high on DeAaron Fox but I don't think he'll ever be capable of making plays like John Wall is doing right now. The man was chosen first for a reason.
Marcus Morris wearing the rags of a conference competitor. Lame..remember when AI got destroyed for wearing a throwback Celtics jersey?

Also, Thomas Robinson holding down the chairs on the sideline. Making sure they don't fly away. You have to like the dedication.Playoffs or not...T-Robs season never ends

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With the 6th pick the Kings select Ben McLemore

And then came McCollum, Schroeder, and of course Giannis
Well, hell, how do you think Orlando feels? They could have had Antetokuonmpo or McCollum, too, and all they have to show for the guy they did pick is Terrence Ross.

The league should just be grateful that Cleveland didn't get Antetokuonmpo. Imagine if Cleveland had had Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Giannis Antetokuonmpo, and then LeBron decided to go back home?! He could have said, "**** Kevin Love," and just created a dynasty with those guys.

EDIT - I don't know why I thought his name was "Anthony Wiggins."
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