[NBA] Eastern Conference Semifinals

Who advances to the Eastern Conference Finals?

  • Boston and Philadelphia

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The Game Thread Dude
I think it's time for Danny to pull the trigger on this roster and have a fire sale. They are fooling themselves if they think they can compete with the likes of Milwaukee, Toronto or Philly moving forward. Also want to note, had Oladipo played in round one, Pacers could of had a good chance to eliminate them then.

But all the draft picks and random B-level young guys will net them AD (who will probably get hurt anyways) or something and they have Brad Stevens who is the best coach in the world or so I've been told by the national media and Boston.

After last season, people were talking about Tatum/Brown/Rozier like they were the next KD/Kawhi/Kemba when in reality they are more like Tobias Harris, Harrison Barnes but bad at shooting, and Shabazz Napier. And I think this may have finally been the season where Danny Ainge's bizarre love affair with Scary Terry finally came and bit the Celtics in the butt. Last season all three guys had a huuuuge amount of trade value. This summer though, the Celtics are probably going to be losing their best player (Kyrie), have their second best player (and probably most important player) in Horford having to make a decision on his 30 million dollar player option (and they'll be needing to decide whether or not to extend him either way), and are probably paying a still-struggling-to-overcome-serious-injury Gordon Hayward over six million dollars over the next two years to probably come off the bench. But hey, at least they have a bunch of middling first round picks in a relatively weak draft!


Hall of Famer
four bounces for the win. Meanwhile, the Sixers down the stretch couldn't do anything on offense, they had three straight possessions of running the clock down to 5 and then making a move.