[NBA] Eastern Conference Playoffs, Round 1

How many first round upsets?

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Mr. S£im Citrus

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The eastern conference and western conference concept made sense when traveling long distances was still logistically hard to do but in this day and age when intercostal travel has become routine and something that some people do almost daily it just doesn't seem right to keep some teams out of the postseason based solely on the fact that they're east or west of some arbitrary line somewhere around the Great Lakes.
There are more considerations than just travel, you also have to account for broadcasting. Say you just put the Top 16 teams in playoffs, and you have a year where twelve of the Top Sixteen teams are in the same conference: how are you going to schedule those games? Sure, you can get people to go to a noon game on a Saturday or a Sunday, but what about after that? You going to force some team on the west coast to play at 5pm local time, on a Tuesday, because there are no teams on the east coast or the midwest that particular season that have homecourt advantage, and somebody has to be the first game of a doubleheader? And what about when it swings the other way: you going to force a team on the east coast to play the second game of a doubleheader, where they're starting at 10pm local time?
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