NBA Draft Lottery, Thursday Aug. 20, 5:30 PM PT, ESPN

The odds aren't that great (Kings have about a 6% chance of moving up from the #12 pick) but hey, who DOESN'T want to watch the lottery? Here's an open thread for it. Kings will be represented (virtually, I believe) by De'Aaron Fox, who has had decent luck so far.
Hope we move up. The one player, who I watched and think will be a Doug Christie level player will be gone by #12. #Halliburton
I live in San Mateo county. Outside bars are open. Since Covid and pre-newborn, I’ve gone here:

I’m going to try today, if my two bosses (wife n the kid) will let me.
I live in a dry county. Yes, they do still exist. In fact, some of the distilleries for name brand whiskey are in dry counties. I have no desire to go back to having the occasional beer even if my wife wouldn't kill me. And especially not from a can!

Capt. Factorial

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Yeah.....let’s see if the Zion factor “helps” NO get “lucky”.
The interesting question for the frozen-envelope conspiracy minded among us (I'm not one of them, BTW) is how the NBA is going to pull off its "we didn't cheat" procedure this year. Normally, each team sends a representative into a locked room to observe the ping pong ball draws. If the NBA were to cheat to the detriment of one team, that team's representative would scream bloody murder. But I have no idea what they're doing this year. I suppose they could have the team representatives in a Zoom meeting, but it would hardly be difficult to pull the wool over their eyes if the NBA so wanted. Besides, typically those representatives have their phones/computers taken away from them and remain locked in the room until the official reveal so they can't leak it to the internet - a precaution that obviously can't be taken if team reps Zoom in.

Has anybody seen a description of how the NBA is going to pull that off this year? Are they going to just punt and say "trust us"?


The Game Thread Dude
How have the Cavs had the first overall pick five times in 25 years while we’ve only got it once and spent it on an injured dude who we traded after his rookie season?


The Game Thread Dude
Transition into an interview with LaMelo and Edwards immediately after Bilas got done talking about how they don’t play defense seems a bit harsh