National media coverage of the Kings (2019-2020 edition)

This is what the national media does. The Lakers need more outside shooting. How about trading for that Bogdanović guy over in Sacto? The Celtics need some frontcourt help. How about getting that Bagley guy in Sacto? How can we raid the little ol' Kings to help these championship contenders get better?
Agreed. The disturbing thing too is I've always kinda felt and wondered if the league itself doesn't encourage this crap too? One of the big market national spotlight teams has a hole........just go handpick whoever you want off a small-market team. As if the small-market team should be happy to oblige and happy that one of their players is going to play with the big boys. :rolleyes:
I was actually hoping we could do a sign/trade for Brogdan for Bogie in the offseason that would have made sense but what they are proposing does not.