MLB Thread - 2022


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Shinjo still up to his wacky managerial antics in the NPB. (If you’ll remember the dude started the season riding into the ballpark on a hovercraft to throw out a first pitch). Announces he’ll make an announcement, which ends up being the fact that he’s retiring his BIGBOSS nickname and just going by his real name next season.


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He’s done a lot of goofy questionable things over the course of the season, but Kapler somehow guiding this old broken down talent deficient roster to .500 is pretty impressive tbh.
Congratulations to the mariners for making the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

Hate that it had to happen in walk off fashion against the Oakland A’s.

Oakland A’s postgame just congratulated “our friends up hwy 80” for taking over the longest streak for not making the playoffs in all of sports.

we’re number 1! We’re number 1!….at 16.
Then it’s the buffalo sabers and the New York jets tied for second with 11 seasons.
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LFG Padres!!! One more to KO the Doyers!
There’s no way some loser team would blow a 2-1 NLDS lead to the Dodgers, right?!
Whichever team manages to eliminate the Dodgers during any given postseason will always be the true World Series Champions in my book. Always and forever. Unless, of course, the Giants win it all. Then the Giants will always be the true World Series Champions.

Hopefully, the Padres can clinch it at home tomorrow night...:p:p:p
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Lol, I’ve had this Astros-Mariners game on since the 3rd.

now I understand how people who weren’t invested in the Giants and Nationals must’ve felt with that Game 2

this is brutal