MLB Thread - 2022

Close to a perfect scoreboard watch day. Dbacks lose, Rockies lose, Dodgers lose, Padres down 7-5 in the 8th. 7 games above .500 only 30 games in and we're still somehow in 3rd with the entire division above .500 still. Insane.
Giants traded Dubon for a terrible catcher/1B … essentially getting ANYTHING and opening the roster spot for La Stella.

LaStella probably helps a bit more in the short term, but I’d have much rather DFA’D tried to trade him over Dubon.
Webb isn’t Webb rn. (Update: I was wrong)

Thairo such a find. Makes the Dubon trade tolerable.

Bases loaded for Bart. Yay…

We still defending this joker? AAA, now.
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Olney says the Nats might be inclined to move Soto this summer.

Send them Luciano and Ramos and that pitcher who’s utterly dominating in A-ball without blinking.