Mark jones

Do you hope jones continues as kings announcer

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Maybe it’s the nostalgia I am missing. Mark just seems out of touch with the team. How about Carmichael Dave does he have a good voice? I have never heard him on radio.
Has deep voice but where he is now on local radio where likely to stay until gets fired again. Does CD even own a suit? All the time dressed about like the 15 year old neighborhood boy that mows my lawn on weekends.
I voted 'No' for my wife. She's definitely tired of the corny one-liner food references. And I'm tired of hearing that she's tired of the corny one-liner food references.

I think he'd be fine if he dialed back the schtick from 10/10 to 5/10. Seems to be his m.o. though, and it's obviously working for him.