Let's go Oakland!

Alright, so every season I wait for someone else to do the sensible thing and start a topic where the few remaining fans of that other Northern California baseball team can talk about come from behind walk-offs and 20 game win streaks and it never happens. Well this year, seeing how the team has started off on the right foot for a change (thank you Houston Astros!) I'm going to get crazy and just do it myself. :cool:

It might be because I just read the news that Josh Reddick's tragically broken right wrist is actually not broken -- just sprained, but I'm feeling like we've got good luck on our side this year. Anderson, Griffon, Straily, Milone, and Colon all look sharp so far. Parker had a rough outing but he'll be fine, he's still Jarrod Parker. With that kind of pitching depth in the rotation we ought to be competitive every night. Oh and Midland and Stockton both started their seasons 4-0 and our River Cats just got their first win tonight. All good things. Oh and how bout that hot start for Coco Crisp eh? The mojo is already flowing!

Well, in light of a rather underwhelming basketball game played in San Antonio tonight and more "Maloofs will Maloof" nonsense from our friends up North -- at least I can still count on the A's late inning magic to lift my spirits. The A's got their first walk-off of the season, their 9th win in a row, and a small measure of revenge against the team that ended their season last year. They're leading the majors in runs scored and home runs for the first time I can remember as well. Of course none of this is worthy of even a mention on ESPN what with other breaking news like Andy Pettitte's back spasms and A-Rod's steroid cover-up, but that's alright. Anyone who's not watching this team is missing out.
As a longtime A's fan im distraught right now. Where's the nearest bridge?
To have the Tigers on the ropes and completely collapse is tearing my heart out. I don't know what else to say................................
Another game 5.............. I can't take it........
My Rays once again give out in the postseason, my uncle at the game and my grandma watching will be greatly upset. I think a Dodgers - Red Sox World series would be good for the game. IMHO the two best teams in large markets who traditionally despise each other