Kings Win (Coin Toss)

Well, if the overwhelming mock consensus is anywhere near accurate, Achiuwa is the only one of those dudes within sniffing distance of the lottery. We should have our pick among them, as well as Jalen Smith and Carey (though I've cooled a bit on Carey), and depending on how daring you get, Pokusevski, though it sounds like most people don't think he's ready to contribute yet. To me, that's a pretty strong crop of bigs basically guaranteed to be there at 12 for a weak draft.
And as you said, it's a weak draft. If teams get to workout players I can't see how there isn't a chance of the draft order being totally shaken up. There are some seriously interesting bigs in terms of their physical prowess in that range or below that also produced at a high level in decent conferences. I don't know how anyone can look at someone like Isaiah Stewart and not see the possibilities. He's not a great vertical athlete but now that Vlades gone if there's any truth to the jumping jokes it shouldn't matter ha ha.