Kings will make the Playoffs! - Per Charles Barkley

I don't think we're going to make the playoffs this year and the franchise has been a total mess since Adelman departed, Vivek got off to a shaky start but I do think Vlade has steered things in the right direction and so this article is a total insult to him and the things he's pulled off over the past two seasons.
Before the season I thought we were going to be really bad but the young guys really aren't looking half bad. These guys aren't playing like Robinson, Fredette, McLemore and Stauskas.

I don't think the playoffs are within reach but I could see their record not being any different than the win totals we had during the Cousins era.
Chuck saying something positive about the Kings?! I'm confused.

Anyways, like all of Sir Charles' rediculous hot takes, this one should be taken with many grains of salt. Maybe the whole shaker.


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this is simply Charles being Charles, trying to be different from the pack and generate some arguments. It's for entertainment purposes.
There's a small small chance we could just barely nib the 8th seed. But I'm in no way shape or form counting on it or expecting it. If it happens, **** yeah! That'll make it a magical season that's forsure.
I'm going to stick with my 17 wins expectations I had from a month or two ago.

Going to be a brutal season.
I dunno if we'll be that bad, but I'm still thinking bottom 3. But we'll probably **** up our draft position and get a bunch of wins against tankers at the end of the year like we always do.

I'm gonna tune in for Fox (and Skal) though. Stay healthy kid!
Missing the playoffs isn't a big deal as long as you have prospects and are looking forward to the future. I think a lot of the prospects aren't showing to fans satisfaction, and you have nights where the team is losing and fans are down on the players. It's a tough mix. Hope it changes
As far as #1 pick chances. Most projections I've seen list Kings and Bulls two worst teams in the NBA and virtually all have Sac holding up WC rear. How depressing to think next March-April chat-chant will be don't let Bulls finish worse than us:(