[Game] Kings vs. Mavericks, Friday 3/29 7:00PM PT/10:00PM ET

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Damn, you beat me to it; I was just about to start the game thread today...:p:p:p

There's really not much to say about this game other than...

Tonight's gonna tell us a helluva lot about this team. How effective are we at leaving the past behind us, and staying in the present? Let's hope our previous outing doesn't stick with our boys too much to eventually haunt them down the stretch, but still sticks with them just enough to provide that needed motivation to go out there and get ish done.

They need to focus overall and relax on offense: find the open man, shoot in rhythm, take care of the ball, make the good pass, keep close to the three-point line, and move without the ball. Above all, do not force up shots!!

Fox tends to force shots, Monk tends to try too hard & not shoot in rhythm, Sabonis tends to dribble into double- and triple-teams. Sactown Sports points out that the Kings need to target Luka on defense, go right at him. The whole team needs to defend the three-point line as if their professional lives depend on it. Because they do.
If they can't get up for this game then this team needs some major changes in the offseason. I want to see some major focus from the entire team. I hope we see how important this game is in their play.
Did anyone really believe Luka would sit this one out? He will start tonight. For everyone's sake--his, the Mavericks, the NBA--I hope that is the right decision.

Still no Sasha for the Big One.
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