[Game] Kings vs Clippers, Friday 6 Jan 2017, 22:30 ET / 19:30 PT

Dead serious. Know your stuff before you reflexively question things.

The Spurs are a Net NEGATIVE -1.0 with Kawhi on/off. And the plot thickens from there, because the reason they are a -1.0 with him on/off? Its not his beta offensive mentality, its because they get killed on DEFENSE when he is on the floor. They are running a net -9.9 (as in much greater negative than Belinelli ran with us last year) with Kawhi on the floor vs. off.

There is even a whole school of conspiracy theories/excuses about why this is so put out by Spurs fans. Apparently teams are running Kawhi off into the corner and playing 4 on 4 vs. everybody else or some such, and Pop is too dumb to see that.
You really lost me at "Pop is too dumb."


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The net negative +/- with Leonard is about as useful as the margin of victory/loss stat for the Kings. Anybody that's watched him knows he's a superstar. He's a tremendous defensive talent who is clutch on offensive in big games, games that are playoff games. Silly, silly, silly argument. Now let's talk about how the Kings are going to win 50+ games this year.:rolleyes:




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This is why I pay zero attention to +/-. Too many variables. I've seen games where the best player on the floor gets a minus rating, and the only reason was the players around him. I would take Leonard in a heartbeat on my team. There are times when you have to go with the eye test, and he passes that test.
I think you go by your eye test virtually ALL of the time. Except far too many people have very poor basketball eyesight.