Kings turned down Porzingis trade


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Eh I don’t look it that way. More like Scott Perry knew that Fox was special long ago and thought he would give it a shot, as slim as the chances were.
"Hey Vlade I know you already have two super high value stud big man prospects on your roster but how about we give our really good but really injured young big man stud due for a max contract next season in exchange for the best young point guard in the league?"


Oh hell no.. I am glad we didn't make that move. Fox by next year will probably be one of the top 5 defensive PGs, and top 6-9 PG in the league. You don't trade that.


The Game Thread Dude
As good as he can be when healthy, that still makes zero sense for us. I wonder why they even bothered to call? Sorry, Vlade isn’t new to this anymore...seems borderline insulting.
Seriously. I am baffled that Perry would even try a deal so stupid.
The report before is that we were talking to the Knicks about Kanter so this probably came up at some point as an outgrowth of those negotiations. Obviously we're quite happy with Fox right now so he wasn't on the table and they seemed pretty motivated to get a young PG based on the names thrown around so far so that was the end of that conversation. No biggie.
Sounds to me like someone in New York was talking this up as a real possibility and they're now trying to make it look like Vlade turned them down so they don't look like complete idiots. I have no doubt what the Vladfather's response would have been, if they actually asked him.
The injury looms large. In addition to having one year left and wanting to go to a big market. He may never be the same player again. AD is where the question would be
AD is a big market guy as well so I wouldn't trade for him either. I wouldn't have done it because I see Porzingis having an injury riddled career and his personality seems to have dramatic non winner all over it.

You're kidding, right?

No way in freaking hell would I do it and there's no way Vlade would do it. He's worked too hard building what is just starting to come to fruition.
Just striking up conversation VF :)
As much as I love Bagley, if a healthy Porzingis was available, you’d have to really consider doing it.
I can't disagree. Yesterday's performance is what really has people (including me) over the moon. If this were two weeks ago before Bagley started to really get some major floor time and put up good production, a few people might be singing a different tune. KP isn't anything to scoff at for sure.
As great as it would be to have Porzingis, if Giles and Bagley are truly your guys, then he becomes a surplus to requirements especially considering the injury and pending free agency.

No way should we have traded Fox.
I've been as big a Fox advocate as anyone. I wouldn't want to trade him. But if I knew that KP was going to be 100% the unicorn he was in the past (and possibly even better) and the KINGS weren't already stacked with young BIGS, I would consider it.

Having said that, the fact that the Knicks offered the trade would tell me they don't think he's going to be the same player. And for that reason, I would have had the same reaction Vlade and the KINGS did.

I really don't believe the Knicks would have traded KP if they were unconcerned about his future.
Porzingus for Giles or WCS is the only swap I'd consider. Bagley is already more valuable than Porz showing what he can be and starting his rookie deal
Mirotic is available if we want to upgrade stretch PF. Unsure what we would offer as i am sure they are looking for picks and young players with potential.

He is an expiring himself