[Game] Kings @ Suns - Monday, Oct. 23 - 7 PT


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So...we saw the good against the Mavs, and the ugly against the Nuggets. I can't complete the analogy, however, as even though we lost to the Rockets it wasn't really "bad."

Life happened during half-time of the Nuggets game, so I didn't get to watch the second half. As I said in the grades thread, it appears as though the Great God Naismith may have done me a big favor in that regard. Just reading the game thread comments and posts afterwards, it sounds like all the wheels fell off the bus, which then slid off the road and into a ravine.

With a young team, we're gonna have highs and lows. We're gonna have nights where they look ready to play in June and we're gonna have nights where they look like they shouldn't be playing at all. All I'm really hoping for this year is to see progress as they get to know each other's games and what the coaches expect of them.

I haven't seen any late reports on Bogs, but I'd certainly like to see him out there very soon. I know he's just an anxious to get going as we are to see him. He's gonna be fun to watch.

WCS apparently reads message boards (?) since he seems to get better in the areas where we've criticized him the most. ;) If that's true, I think we should start a thread about his lack of shot-blocking. Okay, I'm just kidding so don't start the thread. Really.

This game is gonna be tough. I look at their potential starting lineup of Bledsoe, Booker, Warren, Chriss and Chandler and it doesn't bode well. I also don't like that they're currently 0-3. That makes them hungry. EDIT: And it looks like they're gonna be playing for a different head coach.

My guess is that Joerger is going to stick with his starting lineup of Hill, Hield, Jackson, Z-Bo and WCS. While I think there may be better combinations out there, I'm pretty sure Joerger isn't going to change things up on the road. If everyone was available, I'd be tempted to throw caution to the winds and go with Fox, Bogs, Temple, Skal and WCS. If nothing else, they'd be QUICK. Bring the vets in when the kids have run the legs off the Suns. ;)
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Anybody got an idea what prompted Bledsoe to tweet this?

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1:44 PM - 22 Oct 2017

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Unless you're just there to collect a check or looking to put up numbers in a contract year, who would want to play for the Suns right now? I wonder if this was because of the coach, or because the coach got fired?

But Bledsoe has been around for awhile, from when Phx was flirting with the playoffs, and now no hope to contend for a playoff spot for years, I'd be asking out too if I was him.

Good for us come Monday, also, with our bad PR the last few years and general frustrations I kind of like vulturing on other western conference teams woes.

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I can forgive the team for the Nuggets game. Back to back in the mile high city...for their home opener. Doesn't get much tougher for a young team than that.
Well....In regards to the Bledsoe tweet there are 2 potential reasons for the Bledsoe tweet

1. Players couldn't stand Earl Watson and or his philosophies and basically didnt play hard

2. Players really liked Earl Watson and got news that Watson was going to be fired which pissed off Bledsoe


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...Good for us come Monday, also, with our bad PR the last few years and general frustrations I kind of like vulturing on other western conference teams woes.

Yes I'm petty, I've earned it.
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I wish I could say I feel badly, but ... hey, it's not us. Life is good. :p


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I'll be at this one. The Suns have been a train wreck so far, losing two games by 30+ all ready and firing their coach three games into the season. Very winnable game here.
This is one where the vets have to take the lead and pounce on the Suns early. If they play defense the way they've been playing the first three games, our guards, especially Fox will be able to get to the rim at will. Put Temple on Booker and let Zbo and Skal work on their PF's. I think they start TJ Warren at the 4 and Chriss is the backup.


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Does anybody even know who is gong to coach the dumpster fire in the desert? Watson and Okur are gone and so are two more assistant coaches. So strange to be the fan that is calling another team a train wreck...

And then there is this...

Phoenix Suns Insider @InsiderSuns
Eric Bledsoe met with the team today and was sent home according to @ChrisBHaynes. He will not play in tonight’s ga… https://t.co/wXncrH24HZ

10/23/2017, 10:13:16 AM
It's all speculation on our part......and I LOVE it.....but Bledsoe is told to stay home and the team is engaged with others on trade talk regarding Bledsoe......that is per twitter. Chriss not playing much......Watson putting hammer down on the young guy to be better?