Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

All the complaints about Dedmon and what we are paying are what I see as mostly justified.
After saying that his production in Atlanta was about what we were getting out of WCS with putting in around 26 minutes a night. And Atlanta I believe was a good fit for him.

I believe his fit in this offense is not what we envisioned when Bagley went down on opening night, a center with experience and a jump shot to give spacing for Bagley. Now we have Beli creating spacing for Holmes. Thats along way from what I envisioned happening.

Now in no way anybody expected what happened with our injuries and I did not really expect everyone we brought in to be a stud either.

players unfortunately fit and don’t fit into certain systems unless they are one of the few stars around the league that are somewhat immune to that.

One thing that has happened is it has allowed a few good surprises in regards to players .
Do I expect further changes coming of course I do expect vlade to make some moves to strength us by the deadline.