Kings sign Corey Brewer to a 10 day contract.

I did not know he was 6'9
We are shoring up the wing for sure.

Now get Gortat after he's bought out (for another bruiser) and playoffs here we come.
No joke. This guy came into my restaurant one time. I was so busy because I was alone. Obviously a noticed a very tall dude but we would get tall guys in a lot because it was close to a couple gyms. He tipped me $20 to go and when he left another customer was like “did you not notice that was Corey Brewer?” And I was like “omg!”


Hall of Famer
I remember he took a three against the Kings and his jumper looked awful and it barely reached the rim.

That’s all I really know about him.
I don't care for Brewer the player but we needed a vet I guess. He's managed to hang around so he must bring something to the table. He played well for the sixers during his 10 day. I was surprised he didn't stick with them.
We keep getting deeper

Vlade is addressing our needs and truly trying to shore up the roster. This move gives us some depth at small forward and he will add some much needed experience and another defensive wing.

He is for the most part replaced the part of the roster that gets very little run except in blowout games with a few players who may not get a lot of run this season but should be a reliable option more than what we had.

He has picked up 3 players who either are truly small forwards or can play the position. I also believe by not really moving any of our core players it will be easier to insert players into the one position that gave us fits and frustration.
Is he washed? How gd is his defence?
Defense has always been his calling card. He doesn't bring much else. His offense has always been limited to mostly transition buckets. But, transition is our strength I guess.

Doesn't really matter. At the end of the day he'll barely play. He's prob here to soak up end of bench minutes and for his vet leadership.

As for whether he's washed, your guess is as good as mine.