[Game] Kings @ Rockets - 12/14/16 - 5PT/8ET


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New CBA agreed to and then theres this tidbit

Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine 8m8 minutes ago
One of the feature of the new NBA deal, sources say, will be the ability of teams to extend players up to five and in some cases six seasons

Interesting if Cousins and Kings enter extension talks, Kings might be able to offer 6 seasons of gauranteed max money. More incentive for stars to stay put.
I'm all on board with this notion, longer contracts with the same amount of money they would receive in a 3 or 4 year deal (wishful thinking)
My point of view for the first quarter - The offense is doing fine(Relatively without Cuz).
But the defense is Awful without Big Cuz.

Rudy and Mac, may easily be replaced with Casspi and Temple.


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Im not even mad at the Rockets for playing their BS brand of basketball. If the Kings refuse to guard the three point line, the Rockets should shoot 75 of them.

Play the rookies, plz.
I don't think the Kings' strategy of hacking up 40 3s is the way to go considering they have a buttload of poor shooters.

Edit: meant jacking up, autocorrect thought hacking was more appropriate. probably was.
I think it's time for the Kings coaching staff to go back to the drawing board on their defense. You can't survive guarding pick and roll and helping in the paint like they are trying to because teams are more than willing to take that wide open 3. This broken record is still broken.
The difference is that the Kings have only one star... Rudy is a nice player, as well as Casspi and Collison and Temple, but only Cuz is a real power...
The kings need another real star for being a legit playoff team. let's be real.

While Rudy, Casspi and Temple can complte the starting lineup, with Cuz and another star in that team.

That's the reality.