Kings rank #6 overall in NBA 2k17!

I started playing 2k17 with the Kings on myGM yesterday and noticed that they were rated highly as well. However I thought that was because of my offseason do-over :D Love that game by the way. It is so much fun to start playing by the beginning of free agency! On draft day I first tried to trade Belinelli but I was only able to get the 38th pick for him. Next I shipped Gay and Koufos to Indiana for George Hill and CJ Miles. When the 8th pick was on the clock I desperatly tried to move down because I wanted to have Skal but 8 seemed a bit high for him as he was projected go 19th. The only deal available was for the Suns 13th and 28th but they forced me to take Chandlers contract which has 3 years remaining for 39 mil. Ouch! But because I traded Koufos I approved that deal. At #13 I hapilly drafted Skal. When the draft went to about #20 I noticed that a few good guys were available so I managed to consolidate #28 and #38 to move up to #24 where I drafted Baldwin. I was happy with that because at #24 I was okay with his reported lockerroom issues.
In Free Agency I signed Temple, Barnes and Tolliver however to one year deals with a team option each. I also brought back Curry and Acy and took a flier on Snell because the bulls didnt pick up his option.
So my roster right now is at 16:
Hill Collison Baldwin
Temple Curry Mclemore
Miles Barnes Snell
Wcs Casspi Tolliver Skal
Cousins Chandler Acy

Whom should I trade or cut? I'm leaning towards Mclemore right now and will see what I can get for him. I probably like Snells defense more because that team is going to have to be a very strong defensive team in order to get to the 8th seed.