Kings putting Bogs into starting lineup instead of Hield

I have to think Buddy is happier too, given that its helped his production tremendously. He's back to being who he is, and the only cost is getting to play 2nd instead of 1st.


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Always thought trying this made far more sense than the talk about trading one or the other.

Gunning away as a 6th man is natural for Buddy. And the steadier play of Bogi is helping Fox and the starting unit.
I’m not sure it’s anything more than just shaking things up, but with that said....I think they know they want Bogi and I suspect most smart front offices around the league believe he’s the more valuable of the two players. If he can excel in a starting role in his natural 2 guard role, it will hopefully make him happy about sticking around long term.
Lol @ Bogi being better than Buddy