[Game] Kings @ Pelicans, 03/02/2022 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern

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I'll call this game a can't lose, a win in the tankathon column won't upset me too much though given NO is trying to win I'd like to see this as a true measuring stick game against a team in a similar spot.
Hopefully we don’t try to have some sort of shootout with them. I’m confident in our half court offense when we’re patient, just gotta genuinely buckle down defensively. A few more stops will make a difference in a game like this.


Have the Kings losing this game. Pels better at the 1 and 3 spot. 2 and 4 spot is a push though give the edge to Jones. Domas is better than Jonas, but the delta isn’t enough to push the Kings over.

No stats, because too many in-season changes.
Huge game as far as the play-in is concerned. If we lose those, we’re all but out of the race. I have a feeling we’ll lose, New Orleans has been playing really well. They’ve got a very solid team right now even without Zion.
I'm not sold enough on this squad to get hyped about losing out on lotto odds just for the slim chance to see Gentry get out coached in the play-in.

Then again, if a win tonight is the start of a hot streak where we actually start showing something, I'll happily flip flop and be all about it.

So I guess, once again, I don't really know if I'm rooting for a W or a Lin! I suppose that means defaulting to "good games from Fox and Ox".


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There may be more fans in DoCo right now than in the Smoothie King Center.

Maybe scheduling a game the day after Mardi Gras isn't the best idea?
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