Kings Fire Director Of Scouting Mike Bratz

Seems like a terrible time to fire a Director of Scouting seeing how the college season is just getting going and we're a month or so away from the trade deadline. It would seem like a time that particular position would be in the middle of a ton of very important work. If he wasn't particularly good at that work it probably won't matter, but I think the timing of this move should raise eyebrows at least.
It’s my nderstanding that an NBA’s scouting function is very broad. It ncludes scouting opposing teams for game strategy, evaluating eligible for the annual draft, evaluating potential free agency candidates, evaluating overseas talent, and scouting for potential trades and other duties as required. That’s a full cup of tea. And scouting doesn’t nclude deciding who to pick or how to play an opponent. So it’s a little hard to evaluate other people’s scouts. And scouting is not a person, it’s a team of scouts.
Still no word on whether Bratz was fired or if it were a mutual parting of the ways (as the Kings statement suggested).
Bratz had two roles with the Kings. He was the "senior advisor" to the GM, and he was the "director of scouting."
Does anyone know the Kings org chart and who Bratz reported to as the scouting director?
And how about as the senior advisor to the GM? Does that include Assistant GMs, Ken Catanella and Brandon Williams? Or even Peja, who has a VP title?
Another thing I've wondered about is whether Bratz got tired of traveling? It's possible that he hit a wall and decided to spend more time with his wife/family. Something similar happended to me a couple of years ago. I didn't see it coming, but sometimes a life of travel is not as glamorus as the avg Kingsfan might imagine.
One more time - why is the timing so alarming? Lets say we had some hypothetical hotshot high functioning scouting dept.. what exactly are they right in the middle of doing right now that mustn't be disturbed? Watching college basketball? Watching international basketball? Watching high school basketball?

What is so bad about getting new and different scouting resources now?

Isn't the job interview going to include the question "have you been watching college, international and high school basketball? Are you willing to hire staff who have watched college, international and high school basketball?"

I just think we're going to be fine on this one. Hell from what I've seen he could be replaced with any number of people on this very message board and the Kings would be better off.
Vlade backs himself to make that top 5 pick for us and wants new blood

Rubbish timing but as long as we are top 5 im sure we dont screw up taking Best Player Available (id like to think so anyway).

I dont disagree with the notion that we as a franchise are a mess when it comes to management. We as fans could run it better.

Honestly i rue the day Perry went to New York. That was our future right there, real big loss