[KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread [DEC}

The Kings are going to have much of their destiny in their own hands. They have to beat Portland, Minni and Phoenix in the upcoming schedule. They play Portland this Wednesday, a big game. Then they play in back-to-back games Minni and Phoenix on December 26 and 28 respectively. Phoenix should have Ayton back for that December 28th game, so the Kings better be rolling with Bagley by then.


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Can't post it because NSFW language but Harry Giles destroying some moron who tried to bad mouth the G-Man on twitter may be his greatest contribution as a King.
Here's Giles' tweet:

And this where I gotta stop you sir. Or whoever you are hiding behind this page! It’s one person you ain’t allowed to talk about and who would ever think somebody would but here we are. Don’t say **** about G man unless you showing Luv. Simple. Respect the OG! Before we get on ya
The moron has now deleted his Twitter account. What kind of fool would say anything negative about Gary Gerould and NOT know what kind of ****storm he'd be bringing down on himself? LOL!

Kings - players and fans - are FAMILY and that definitely includes the G-Man.