Kentucky vrs Translyvania:


Hall of Famer
In a game that doesn't count, I got to see Kentucky in their first game of the year. Please don't ask me where Translyvania is, but I didn't see any vanpires on the team. Obviously, Kentucky had a huge talent advantage, and when I turned off the game they had a 44 point lead.

Kentucky has a long way to go, but when they get it together, their going to be hard to beat. Anthony Davis didn't do alot on the offensive side, but if I counted correctly he blocked 8 shots. Terrence Jones ended up with 22 points and 12 rebounds. Most of his points were scored inside. The player that stood out was Michael Gilchrist. He is a terrific defender with outstanding lateral quickness. He doesn't bite on ball fakes or crossover dribbles. There were times when I thought he was glued to the player he was defending.

One thing was clear. Gilchrist is going to be the leader of this team. There was no doubt that he was in charge out there directing traffic, and getting on his teammates when he thought they were out of line. His outside shot in not a thing of beauty, but he has time to perfect it. He handles the ball very well and is very unselfish.

Marquis Teague is going to be a good one. He's definitely a pass first pt guard, and like Gilchrist, he's a terrific defender. The play of the night for me was Teague poking the ball away and then diving on the floor for the ball. Then while laying flat on his back on the floor he makes a nice pass to a cutting Michael Gilchrist for a windmill dunk. I think he ended up with 8 or 9 assists.

I don't think Doron Lamb missed one open three, and he was adequate when playing the pt while Teague took a blow. It was a sloppy game offensively for Kentucky, but defensively, they should be one of the best defensive teams in college this season. It was a meaningless game, but for someone starved for basketball, it was fun...