Kennath Faried?

He's expressed some dislike to his role coming off the bench in Denver and has been getting spotty minutes. He's currently on a contract with 2 years left including this one making roughly 14mil per.

While he is "undersized" and aside from drawing charges and the odd electrifying block is not a good defender or "stretch 4" I think he could be a potential great fit with Fox/Mason and the Kings in general.

He's got great instincts on the boards and rolling to the rim (Fox/Mason know how to run pick n roll they just have no one good at it to do it with) and is electric when running in a straight line (can run with Fox) and being able to spring up out of nowhere and brings energy like a Temple. He's pretty decent at scoring around the rim and has a nice running hook.

I'm not sure we could offer a straight up swap cause Denver does not need anything we have so it would probably have to be a 3 way deal where we give up a vet/one of our young guys like WCS.
He is a 4 who cant stretch the floor so no thanks. If we want Fox to have the best possible chance to succeed, he needs to play with streched floor. Kings have bad spacing and due to that is forced to take way too many mid range jumpers. Faried wouldnt help with that.

Ps: I really dont want his 13mil on our books next season. Only if Denver gives us a 1st rounder we would do the trade
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