kb02 can't stop making everything about Fox (split from the Mike Brown thread)

I mean, maybe you're right and the Kings don't need a dude that can defend 1 to 3 and attack downhill as a primary/secondary scorer. This current roster is stacked with talent. He would never see the court.
He's going from "fifth option" (in a five-a-side sport, mind you) in Indy to the primary in Sac?

good god man.
he's coming off an achilles. If a team can afford to make a 2-3 year investment in a guy like that I am sure it could be 50-50 chance to pay off. The Kings can not afford to rehab a guy with a playoff mandate. Any signings they make need to fill a need right now.

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A small market team doesn't have the luxury of missing on second round picks and can't compete for big name free agents. One of my criteria for McNair is if he can acquire talent in non-traditional areas. Sumner, coming off an injury, would be a non-traditional acquisition.
I hate to point this out, but in this instance we are not having remotely the same conversation.
Please some of the old timers back me up here. I swear there was some guy here touting how great Ed sumner was and how Indy could trade brogdon cuz sumner was an up and coming pg going to take over in Indy. Saying he was better than fox and crap. Then he got injured and never heard from the guy again. Am I remembering correctly?
Trade Brogdon the same Brogdan lots on here said couldn't play the point?
Trade Brogdon the same Brogdan lots on here said couldn't play the point?
Dude12 and Steelvt morphed Sumner has the same value as Buddy on the trade market since his salary is 10% of Buddy’s into Sumner is better than Fox. i know the last few years have been traumatic for Kings fans, so selective amnesia is totally reasonable. But the vigor of their misremembering kinda caught me off guard. To Steelvt’s credit, he owned up. Dude12, on the other hand, he’s operating as expected.