Is Fox on track? (moved from the Optimism thread)

Fox puts great pressure on the other team's defense by pushing the ball at blazing speed and also by cruising the lane. His shooting is better. He can use his quickness to put great pressure on the defensive end. I am waiting for him to become a little better assist man with all of those moves in the lane with the ball. It would not hurt to shoot a couple of hundred foul shots a day. He has mental toughness and gets beat up by other teams with little help from the refs.
Fox has been making big strides as a leader and floor general. He needs to continue working on his outside shot and also relying less on just getting into the lane for the sake of opening up the floor for others as well as his own health and longevity. Loved the leader mentality he showed in getting us a bucket against the Pistons to seal the deal.
Fox is playing at an elite level, although few people seem to notice outside of Sacramento. He gets beat up every game and no help from the refs.
He got what 31 against Wash but only one assist.