How good was Allen Iverson?

Iverson was an unstoppable player. He never played on a proper roster during his prime, let alone one of the super teams of today's NBA. The game was played differently when he was in his prime; all of the teams that had an elite offensive talent ran lots of isolation plays for that player. Id put him ahead of Westbrook, Irving, and Harden. Probably at or near the level of Curry. Thats my off-the-cuff judgement on Iverson.
Iverson never won a championship. Had only one shot 2001 and after got first game of series lost to Lakers 1-4. Despite considerable offensive talent did not make those around him better as gunner combo guard. Certainly deserves basketball HOF selection couple years ago. Having watched on TV and in person both Iverson and another small guard of that era Isiah Thomas - later HOFer better overall talent. Plus Thomas won two titles in a time of Jordan, Magic, Bird, Hakeem. No small accomplishment as leader of his Detroit team. Among today's guards hard to compare since game all about shooting 3s, out-pacing other team to jack more 3s.
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I think he would kind of be a poor mans Westbrook. Without a 3 point shot he just simply wouldn't be as efficient as the lead guards of this league. He would get his points and assists in and then get bounced out of the first or second round every year in the playoffs.
Somewhat strangely (in a hypocritical way, if being honest) I was never a fan except the time he played the Lakers in the finals but he was real good. And I'm sure if he played today he'd have developed a 3-pt shot because everyone is expected to have one today.
Iverson was great and his impact and impression on basketball goes long beyond the statistics. Yes he never won and hoop heads will always say he wasnt truly a team player but AI truly was a global basketball icon
Iverson would average 40 in today’s game period. He would end up at the line more than Harden and was every bit the scorer that Kobe was. He didn’t shoot the three because he didn’t need to but he certainly would have shot it more in today’s game. He could average 25 a game in his sleep and is one of my all time favorite players but yet people never mention how good he was. He’s a far better player than Russell “stats” Westbrook and I would rank him at a KD level talent. A fierce player he was and didn’t care one bit who guarded him. Lit up great defenders on a nightly basis.